Session Info


If you’ve never booked a photo session with a private photographer, it might just knock your socks off! What I do is far from the typical “Say Cheese!” A session with me is natural, unhurried, and authentic. I capture you with a smile on your face that’s not forced. I use the surroundings as a backdrop — no elaborate sets with props and decorations — and let you be the focus in your story.


Before your session, we’ll meet in person or chat on the phone. I will answer all your questions, about what to wear to the session, what to do if it rains, how long until you can see your session images, and so on. I’m happy to come to your home and measure your walls, to suggest the products and sizes that would work best in the spaces of your home.


During our session, you won’t find me behind the camera start to finish. I like to get to know you first, and make beautiful images second. We’ll take time to chat and laugh and enjoy ourselves. Your time is important and I’ll take as much time as we both need to capture the images that show the authentic you.


After your session I will come to your home to drop off your digital images and prints, as well as show you samples of the other products I sell – albums, canvases, digital items, etc.


To find out more, just poke around here on the website. I look forward to hearing from you. Just click on the “Contact Me” tab at the menu at the top.