Photographs are everywhere nowadays. They are on your phone, on the internet, in our scrapbooks, and on our walls. I specialize in photos that become part of your history. The images I create are more than. A portrait from Gretchen Willis Photography is more than a quick phone snap or a posed image in a mall studio or a print in a frame; it is a memory that can’t be re-created. It is a bookmark of this chapter in your life.


This moment – today – is fleeting. Tomorrow turns into next week which turns into 6 months, and before you realize it… you’re another year older and a year’s worth of memories has been tucked away. Photographs preserve those memories – the way your daughter’s hands look so similar to your mother’s, how the summer sun makes your son’s hair lighter and freckles darker, the way your spouse looks at you when you tell a joke.


In a sea of sameness, a midst all the selfie snaps and posed portraits, let’s create memories that will tell your story for generations to come.


Some information about Photo Sessions with Gretchen Willis Photography