My Culture: Christian {Portage, WI Photographer}

My Culture: Christian This week on Clickin’ Moms, the Project 52 theme is “culture”. We are to take a photo of something about our culture – maybe our heritage, or our nationality, or even something from popular or recent culture. I decided to take a photo that would represent my Christian culture. Christianity is my […]

New Beginnings {Portage, WI Photographer}

New Beginnings 2012 has been filled with new beginnings for our family… We moved to a new state, from Texas to Wisconsin. My husband started a new job. Our kids started a new school. We joined a new church. We bought a new home. It’s chaotic and exciting, frustrating and wonderful all at the same […]

My Moody Daughter {Portage, WI Photographer}

My daughter, Maura, is so beautiful. And moody. What can I expect? I mean, she *IS* after all, 4 years old. If you have a Pinterest account, feel free to “Pin It”!

Tween Outfit Ideas {Portage, WI Photographer}

I have been wanting to put together a board of ideas for outfits for a tween photography shoot. These are just suggestions and a way to get the thoughts flowing for when it comes time to make selections for your session. If you have a Pinterest account, feel free to “Pin It”!
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Playing in the Snow {Portage, WI Photographer}

This winter took a long time to get here. We finally got a measurable amount of snow, and my kids were delighted to get a chance to play in it. If you have a Pinterest account, feel free to “Pin It”!
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Happy Birthday To Me | Portage, WI Photographer

Yesterday I turned 40. I don’t feel 40. I guess I don’t know what a 40-year-old feels like, but I thought it would feel older. Or maybe more rigid. Or possibly, more settled. I’m still as crazy as ever and although my joints are getting stiffer, I’d say I’m pretty flexible. Case in point: my […]