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Newborn Photos Madison WI

Fresh 48 | Newborn Photos

In-Hospital Newborn Session | Divine Savior Hospital I remember the first days of each of my newborn children. The hospital stay was not as memorable as the labor but it was an important time too… time for me to bond with my newborn child, time for us to get to know each other, and time […]
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mother's Day Gift

Mother’s Day Photos

What can I get my mom for Mother’s Day? You already know that your mom is pretty special. It’s obvious that she deserves a Mother’s Day gift that’s more than a cheesy card and some flowers. But picking out a gift for your mom is HARD. She’s got everything she needs! Plus, every time you […]
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Wisconsin Dells Photographer

Senior Portraits • Devil’s Lake, WI

Portage High School WI | Class of 2018 I meet a lot of young men and women as they come to me for their Senior Portraits. And I’m always impressed – but rarely surprised – by how mature they are. Self-confident, goal-oriented, and joyful… they really have their lives more together than I ever did […]
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Sisterhood, Motherhood

Who Do You Celebrate on Mother’s Day? This month, I will be doing a special series of blog posts, talking about some of the most special people in our lives. Mother’s Day is coming in May, and I will admit that Mother’s Day is what sparked my imagination. However, I hope to celebrate (and help […]
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Deep Butter Cake

Gooey Butter Cake Recipe • What’s For Dessert?

The Best Dessert You’ve Never Heard Of When I was a little girl, baking was my favorite past-time. I was really sad that one Christmas when I asked for an Easy Bake Oven but didn’t get it. My mom, ever the frugal optimist, told me, “DO YOU KNOW HOW EXPENSIVE THOSE TINY MIXES ARE?!?!”   […]
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Portage WI Wedding Venue

Emily & Tanner • Winter Wedding

Wedding at Portage United Methodist Church I absolutely love weddings. Everything about the day makes me happy – smelling the flowers, seeing a special venue adorned with special decorations, smelling the food for the celebration, hearing the nervous laugh from the bride, and feeling that electricity in the air that only comes once in a […]