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Special Offers for Special Friends

Help my Business Grow, and Get some Special Pricing for Yourself My business’ greatest asset is a happy client. It makes my soul smile when I know I have given a client a great session and produced beautiful images for them. I also want to meet more local clients so I can get to know […]
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Choosing Outfits for a Family Session

Coordinated Family Clothes for a Photo Shoot   Getting professional pictures taken is a worthwhile investment. Your photographer will capture beautiful images of what your family looks like at this very moment in time. In 6 months or a year, someone will have grown an inch, or lost two teeth, or changed from a baby […]
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Baraboo Wedding Photographer

Wisconsin Wedding | Seth & Rachel

Beautiful Outdoor Wedding in Nekoosa WI A beautiful, sunny day in June; friends who have traveled long distances to celebrate the special day; and family gathered together, some who haven’t seen each other for many years. The day would be memorable, all on its own. But having all these parts of the day come together, […]
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World Breastfeeding Week 2018

Breastfeeding Moms and Kids I’m so excited for that time of year once again! I will be doing FREE photos of moms and their breastfeeding kids on Saturday, August 4th and Sunday, August 5th, 5pm-8pm. Sessions will be held on the Gretchen Willis Photography property in Endeavor. **NOTE** ALL TIME SLOTS HAVE BEEN FILLED If […]
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Libraries are COOL!

Portage Public Library | Portage, Wisconsin   Our family has moved from city to city a handful of times. Every time we reach a new town to call home, one of the first places I find is the library. I find solace in the library – there’s a comfortable consistency in knowing that the library […]
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Sports Photos | Portage, Wisconsin

Soccer and Basketball and Cheer, Oh My! I am primarily a family, wedding, and senior portrait photographer. However, I can’t put my camera down when I watch my kids playing sports! I’m really lucky in that my kids love to do all kinds of activities – basketball, soccer, cheer, track & field, gymnastics – they […]