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Mother and Child {Portage, WI Family Photographer}

I was working on a project today, trying to capture some self-portraits using the self-timer on my camera. I knew I could only do this while my daughter Amy took a nap. I guess I kept at it for a while, because before I knew it I heard her little feet padding into the room […]

The Way I View… Sweetness And Love

This is Month Two of the Clickin’ Moms monthly bloghop on “the way I view…” This month the subject is sweetness and love. When I think of sweetness and love, the first thing that springs to my mind is the innocent affection of my two youngest daughters for each other. They love each other, and […]

Growing Up

Twelve and a half years ago I had a little baby. She was perfect and I was a nervous wreck. I’m proud to see the beautiful young woman she is becoming. If you have a Pinterest account, feel free to “Pin It”!
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Giving Back

I am so very blessed. God has given me so much: a wonderful family, good health, a loyal and loving husband, and the talent of photography. It is only appropriate that I give back a portion of what I’ve been given. I’m fortunate to be a volunteer photographer with Red Thread Sessions, an online site […]
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About Me

Thanks for stopping by to say hello! I’m Gretchen. I love to seek out the beauty in everyday objects. I know that the honest smile of a child will melt my heart. I believe that life is not a race – there is no finish line, just a journey. I’ve watched my own journey take […]
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Simplicity of Childhood

When was the last time you just enjoyed the sunshine and picked up rocks? I love that my daughter is content to do the simplest things for fun. I also love those cute pink polkadot boots! They make me smile. Maura wanted to make an “instrument” to make music so I gave her a soda […]