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Meet Gretchen

Me and my daughter, Amy


Hi there! And welcome to my home on the Internet.

As you poke around here, you’ll find out more about me, such as my philosophy about photography, how I share my talents with those in need, and where I call home IRL (in real life). But as a jumping off point, I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself.

I am a wife of 18 years and a mom to six children — three girls and three boys. I’m originally from St. Louis, Missouri, but I’ve moved all over the Midwest, following the man I love from one job transfer to another. Picking up, starting over, saying goodbye and then hello every three or four years… it taught me a lot and grew me as a wife and mother and friend. We moved to Portage, WI in 2011 and I’m happy to say we finally feel settled here in southern Wisconsin and I know this is my home.

I had an interest in photography my whole life, but that interest renewed when my children were very young and I was creating scrapbooks for them. I knew in my heart if a picture was being taken, it needed to be the best it can be.

That interest grew into a passion and a renewal of my love of learning when I taught myself (with the help of LOTS of library books!) how to shoot a camera that wasn’t a simple point-and-shoot. Finally, after many years of giving myself to my family, I was rediscovering my own interests. After a quick dusting-off of the cobwebs, my brain felt so alive to be learning new skills and techniques; I found and quickly admired the work of artists whom I’d never seen before. Photography has become, for me, a creative outlet and a way for me to carve out a little bit of individuality in our hurried world.

I want my legacy to reflect I was a loving mother, a unique woman with her own interests, and someone my children are proud to call mom. I hope that I can be a better partner to my husband by having interests that are completely my own; in that way I can share with him a part of myself that is continually evolving. Any skills or talents that I have are a gift from God, so I aspire to use my photography in some way that will glorify Him, and I will continue to keep my eyes open to new possibilities.

I’m proud to say that I’ve studied photography with all my heart and soul for years now. I am confident shooting in a wide variety of settings — outside or indoors, low light or bright light, formal or casual. I’m glad to be past the point of feeling nervous before a photo session; instead I get excited to work with my new clients and to capture images that I know they will love.

As I write this, I am 44 years old. But I feel like I could just as easily be 22…so much is ahead of me to learn, to experience, and to share with the world. I’m pretty excited!


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  • ReplyIngrid Claussner 8 Aug

    Dear Greta (that’s how your husband called you when he told me about your new pregnancy just a few days ago)…
    Guess you KNOW I “support” him through LCMS… and he gets a few books here and there; I would NOT be able to do it- IF IT WEREN’T FOR MY HUSBAND- I wouldn’t even be here in TUCSON!!! Eberhard and I have only been married 17 years- we both grew up in Germany and came over here in ’53 and ’56 at age 18; in July we turned 77 and 80- Ebby is very healthy and bikes ca. 100 or more miles a week!
    But I with my RA do not do as well- even tho’ I visit people a lot and am “going” much too much…volunteering “within” the church- I LOVE IT- SINCE OUR LORD JESUS LOVES US SO!!! NOW I have a new chiropractor- a fine Christian man- who suggested another fine Christian doctor when I asked for a friend= who needs a PCP… and she’s 92…
    Enough for tonight; take good care of yourself= MAY JESUS KEEP YOU – AND YOURS! You probably know we met your husband last year! in Oxford. With Love in HIM, Ingrid

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