Your Image Reveal Appointment

I’m looking forward to seeing you at your Image Reveal appointment.
Here is some important information you should know.

before your appointment

Please allow 60 minutes for the Image Reveal appointment. It may go a little longer but usually does not go shorter.

Send me a photo of the wall where you intend to display your portraits. I have software that will show you what your displayed artwork will look like in your home, accurately sized for your wall space. 

1. Lighting is important! Open the shades/curtains & take the photo during daylight hours. If no natural light is available, turn on lights.
2. Locate (or place) something on the wall that you know the exact measure of. If nothing is on the wall, you can tape a piece of copy paper to the wall. This will serve as my foundation for setting measurements for your wall. Please let me know the measurement (in inches) of that item.
3. Horizontal wall photos are best but I can also work with vertical wall photos.
4. Send the photo & measurements to me by email or text. or 608-566-9070

Think about how you would like to enjoy your portraits. A wall display piece will be a perfect way to show everyone in your home, as well as all who visit your home, that you value your family and love them. A keepsake album is perfect for keeping treasured memories to be revisited later. Every time you look at your album, imagine yourself 5 years in the future, or 20 years or even more, sitting and looking at the same album. Imagine passing this album on to a family member to have as a keepsake of their relatives.  A Folio box is a beautiful combination of keepsake and display, so you can rotate which photos are displayed and keep the others in a beautiful box.  

FOR IN-PERSON IMAGE REVEAL APPOINTMENTSDecide how we will use your TV to view the photos. I will bring my iPad with all the session images loaded onto it. It will be easier for everyone to see if I can share my iPad screen to a TV. For that to happen, I would need access to an HDMI port on your TV, or if you have Apple TV I can mirror my screen that way. (However if neither of these options is available, we can just pass around my iPad to everyone.)  

FOR ZOOM IMAGE REVEAL APPOINTMENTSInstall Zoom and acquaint yourself with the controls. If you’ve never used zoom, go to and create a free account. If you’ve previously used zoom, make sure you’re familiar with how to turn your camera off and on and how to mute and unmute yourself. Another handy skill is knowing how to change the viewing screen – Active Speaker (whoever is speaking is shown); Gallery View (everyone is shown at the same time in small boxes); and Side-By-Side mode (when sharing my screen, a small gallery of thumbnails will be shown on the side of the screen. You can move this set of thumbnails if they obscure your view of the screen).

Invite all interested parties and decision-makers to attend. This will be the chance to view your photos, as well as making a decision about what to purchase. For those reasons, anyone who would love to see the session images or who has a vote on the portrait budget should plan to attend the Image Reveal appointment. For in-person appointments, make sure we are meeting in a space that can accommodate the number of attendees; for Zoom appointments, please share the meeting link and passcode with the other attendees. I don’t use online galleries for the image selection process, so attending an Image Reveal appointment will be their opportunity to voice their opinions. 

At the Appointment

During the appointment, you can sit back and relax while I do the work. I will show you the session images one at a time, and you’ll simply pick your favorites. The images will be lightly corrected for color and exposure (all purchased images will receive full retouching.) Once you’ve narrowed down your favorites, we will work together to find the best way for you to keep and enjoy your photos as beautiful professional products.

Speaking of products, I will have my product samples on hand to show you so you can get a better feel for what would look best in your home and which product details are most appealing to you. Some of the items I sell have a more modern, contemporary feel to them, while others are a more classic, traditional choice. I will help guide you to choose the products that will best match your preferences and your home decor. 

I will take payment for your products at the end of the appointment. You may pay with cash, check, credit card, or ACH (electronic bank-to-bank transfer). If you need to mail a check to me, that is fine. 


after the Appointment

Once payment has been received, I will give full professional retouching to each purchased image. All non-purchased images will be archived. 

Any products that require custom design (such as storyboards or albums) will be designed, and then a proof image of the design will be sent to you for approval. If the design needs tweaking, we can discuss that. Once you have approved all custom designs, all products are ordered. Products may take up to 6 weeks to be delivered to me for quality control verification.

All of your professional products will be re-packaged (after quality control check) and delivered to you – via USPS/UPS if you live out of town; or delivered by hand (by me!) if you live locally.