Thank You!

I’m so glad you reached out to connect with me.
You’ve taken the first step toward the perfect portraits you have always wanted!

Something you need to know… When I call to chat with you, I want you to decide if I’m the right photographer for you. 

If you’re looking for a quick, express-service photographer who you meet for the first time at the session, and then 2 weeks later, hands you a memory stick with 200 digital photos… then you don’t need me. Any photographer can do that. Heck, if all you need is a quick photo, just hand off your phone to a friend and let them take the photos.

My clients know I give them more. By the time we meet for their session, they have already met me and understand what to expect. They feel comfortable because they trust me to guide them through the session, capturing authentic smiles and flattering poses. And when the session is over, I find my clients saying, over and over, 

That photo session was actually a lot of fun!

I know that getting pictures taken can be really stressful for some people. They might believe they aren’t able to look good in a photo, and even thinking about it makes them anxious. How can anyone look relaxed and happy in a photo if they are anxious and stressed??? If that’s you, then you know that having someone guide you through the process and give you tips to make your photos look great is SO MUCH MORE than just showing up with a camera and pressing the shutter.

I could list, here, all the things I do to make your custom portrait session WAY MORE than what you’ve come to expect. But instead, let’s talk about it. 

I’ll be calling soon to talk, so we can figure out if we are a good fit for each other. I have worked with countless clients who trusted me to capture images of the most important people in their world. They knew that if they were going to hire a professional photographer, they wanted to hire the best they could find.

I look forward to talking with you very soon!

In the mean time, check your inbox for an email from me. If you don’t see it, check your spam folder, and add to your address book.