One Day in the life of me.

I’m a mother, a photographer, chauffeur, cook, and farm hand.

Wake up early. Well, this is early for me! Sun is already coming up, and time to get breakfast for everyone.

Time to wake up

Drove the kids to school today. Normally they take the bus but I had an appointment in town.


today was my very first mammogram. I was scared to do it, but in the end it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Plus I feel better knowing I’m keeping up with my health checkups.



When I got home, my husband and daughter and I drove to this abandoned shed (after clearing it with the owner) to look for scrap metal, scrap wood, and anything useful. We found a few bits and pieces for projects we have going on at home (like a big roll of chain-link fence and a few plastic 55-gallon barrels we can use to catch rain water.

once we got home, one little girl was all tuckered out. But her nap didn’t last long, and soon I was fixing her favorite lunch.



Time to go outside to take care of the chickens! And have a little bit of fun too!!!

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I did some laundry. And then some more. And more. And then a little bit more. Washing, hanging, sorting, folding. Ad nauseum.


whoo. Day’s getting long. Sometimes I need some ibuprofen to make it through till the end.


Sparky rolled in something stinky today. She’s mostly an outside dog but she really stinks!


Homemade fried chicken strips for dinner tonight. I love these so much!!!

After dinner, it’s time to go over spelling words, and then I get a little bit of “me time” to attend a photography webinar. (that isn’t my picture on the screen!)


Dishwasher is full. Ready to start ‘er up.

Finally, bedtime and prayers. And the only thing that keeps me going after bedtime, some diet Coke.

Then get up tomorrow and do it all again!