Texan MamaThanks for stopping by to say hello!

I’m Gretchen. I love to seek out the beauty in everyday objects. I know that the honest smile of a child will melt my heart. I believe that life is not a race – there is no finish line, just a journey.

I’ve watched my own journey take me many different places: from being a teacher, to being a wife and mother, a friend, a mentor, a volunteer, a writer, and a photographer. Each stop along the way has shaped me to be the person I am today.

I love photography. It is an art form like no other. It is simple and yet complex. It is patience and it is immediacy. It is bold and it is subtle. Photography connects the viewer with the photographer – it communicates without sounds or movement.

My goal as a photographer is to capture a moment that will be gone too soon, to give to others a peek at their own love for one another, and to to reveal the beauty of God’s creation in the world.

Photo by Mishelle Lane of Mishelle Lane Photography. Used by permission.