This year has been filled with new adventures for you, Amy. Every afternoon, after hopping off the big yellow school bus, you burst through the front door with an exciting story about school, or the playground, or the bus, or something that’s too amazing to wait one more single second to tell me!


I love how much energy you have, and how you throw yourself into Kindergarten. You find excitement and joy in the things I take for granted, and you help me to look at all sorts of things with fresh eyes and a new perspective.


You’re riding the school bus every day now. It’s not your favorite part of the day, to be sure. But you make the best of it and you have made friends and you’re learning how to make good choices. That makes me very proud.


You’re playing soccer now. I know I’m a little biased, but you are very good! You are confident, you are learning how to play on a team, and you are having a great time! I couldn’t be prouder.


Last week, the school celebrated Grandparents Day and your grandparents weren’t able to come, but you handled it like a champ! I’m sorry Gramma and Grandpa couldn’t come for the day, but I know you had a fun time with Ms. Beth. It’s great to show a new grown-up person all about our school and our favorite parts of the day. I’m really proud of you for being so kind and polite to her.



This Friday, we’re going to the pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins. I know you’re excited because I’ve heard you talking about it. I am too – I’m coming along so I’ll be able to help you carry your pumpkin if it’s a wee bit too big.


But don’t worry, no matter how big YOU get, you’ll always be my little pumpkin.





This post is part of a project I’m included in, along with other talented photographers, documenting the year-long journey of our children in Kindergarten. Our group is called “Class of 2028”. Please go visit Julie Moses’ blog to read about her daughter’s adventures!