The bearer of this document has purchased high-resolution files from Gretchen Willis Photography, and has permission to print copies of the image files in perpetuity, in any quantity. The bearer of this document (known as “Client”) may not sell or distribute these digital files, nor claim ownership of them. Copyright remains solely with Gretchen Willis Photography. These digital files may not be used for any tangible profit, including but not limited to: advertising, sale of images, or contest entry.

The images from your professional photography session will look their best when printed at a professional print lab, dedicated to quality printing of photography products. I recommend my clients use the same labs as I would use: Mpix (, Nations Photo Labs (, Artifact Uprising (, or Unit Prints (; I suggest that they stay away from photo developing labs such as Snapfish, Target, Walgreens, and Shutterfly. I encourage my clients to use a professional photography lab because there is a difference in the quality of paper, inks, and color balance. Ultimately, these files are yours and you may choose to print them anywhere you like; however, top-quality images truly deserve to be printed to look as beautiful as they possibly can.

If any retailer has question or concern about this document and would like to receive verbal authorization, please contact me at 608-566-9070 or

Thank you,
Gretchen Willis
Owner, Gretchen Willis Photography