Something big is coming up in my life.  Actually, it’s already pretty big.


33 weeks-8174

I am a mom to 5 kids, ages 16 all the way down to 6. When I had my last child at the age of 37, I thought I was “DONE”. My mom always told me, “You’ll know when you’re done,” and I certainly felt that way. So when I discovered last summer that I was expecting another baby, I was surprised to say the least. A million emotions ran through my heart and at least that many questions ran through my head. Will the baby be healthy? Will I be healthy enough to carry this baby? What will the kids think? Where are we going to put him or her?




But, over the upcoming weeks and then months, I realized that these questions were simply the same ones I’d had at every pregnancy. I understood that along with being an expectant mother of “advanced maternal age” came some new concerns. However it also brought with it an anticipation I’d never expected. I was suddenly looking forward to another baby, when I thought I’d seen all my last baby moments. I also saw the excitement in my young daughter’s eyes who were going to be able to welcome a new baby into the family.



We’ve found out that we’re having a son. We are all over the moon with joy about this new soul who will join our family in late January. I’m ready to face the big day, not with trepidation or concern, but with a renewed vision that’s bright and sure.