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I’ve  been blessed with mostly healthy children. No allergies, no learning challenges, and I can count the number of ear infections on one hand of all the kids combined. Until Teddy, that is.

Teddy broke me in to what it’s like for parents of kids with recurrent ear infections. Although Teddy has a great personality and is the happiest baby you’ll ever meet, his poor ears just got one infection after the other. We’d no sooner clear one up, and another would pop up. Teddy never cried or pulled on his ears, but he would have high fevers and other cold symptoms that never seemed to completely go away. So after a long string of these infections, our doctor suggested that we consider getting tubes put into his ears.

Getting tubes put in a child’s ears is a simple procedure. Extremely low risk. Very quick. But still…. I worried. My baby is having an operation and getting anesthesia. It’s scary.

At the tender age of 13 months old, Teddy got tubes placed in his ears at Meriter Hospital in Madison, WI.

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And of course, the operation was over in a matter of minutes. Teddy came through like a champ. He’s not had an ear infection since then. I held my breath while he was out of my arm’s reach, but he came back safe and sound, and I am grateful.


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