What can I get my mom for Mother’s Day?

You already know that your mom is pretty special. It’s obvious that she deserves a Mother’s Day gift that’s more than a cheesy card and some flowers. But picking out a gift for your mom is HARD. She’s got everything she needs! Plus, every time you ask her what she wants, she gives you an answer like… “Oh, I just want us all to create some memories together.”

Guess what? I can help you with that.

A photo session for you and your mom

I’m offering CELEBRATION SESSIONS this Mother’s Day. Don’t worry – the session isn’t ON Mother’s Day. Instead, you give your mom a gift certificate for a photo session to be held in June. That way the weather is a bit nicer and she can relax on Mother’s Day, spending the day with you.


Mother's Day Gifts

When is the last time your mom had a professional photo taken? Not a headshot for work, not a portrait for the church directory. I mean, when is the last time she had a photo taken with the people she loves more than anyone in the world? (Hint: that’s YOU!) No matter what excuse she gives you… “I need to lose some weight first!” … “My hair is a mess and I don’t have makeup on.” … “No one needs a picture of me!”don’t listen to her.

Photos are memories of good things – not reminders of flaws

I remind my clients – and you should also remind your mom – think of a picture of you with your own mom. When you see it, do you think, “Her hair is a mess, she shouldn’t have gotten that picture taken!” or “Wow, Mom looks really fat.” or “Why didn’t mom fix herself up before getting in front of the camera?” NO. We never think that. Instead, we look at a picture of our mom and we remember how great it felt when she hugged us. We see her features in ourselves and in our own children. We are reminded of the special meal she fixed for us on our birthday, or the tender care she gave us when we were sick.

Your mom is amazing, here’s your opportunity to remind her of that

Here’s the plan: Before Mother’s Day, I will send you a gift certificate in pretty packaging, along with her favorite snack (just let me know what she likes!) Then on Mother’s Day you give her the gift, and remind her how important it is to have photos made together. I guarantee, years from now she will never say, “I wish I hadn’t wasted time taking those photos.” At the time, getting photos taken together may seem silly or unnecessary; but I promise you won’t feel that way when you look at them in years to come.

Mother's Day Photos


After Mother’s Day, you and your mom will decide together on the best date to shoot your mini-session (dates available are June 9, 10, or 24). Just call me to schedule your session and let me work the magic with my camera. I will be holding the sessions at a beautiful outdoor location (to be determined later.)

Click Here to Purchase a Celebration Session for $50

Each session includes:
20-minute session
online viewing gallery of 15+ proof images
$25 product credit

Gifts for Mothers

After we shoot the session I will put the images in a password-protected online gallery. Then, you and your mom will have the chance to view your proof photos and select the products you want to buy. The first $25 of your purchase is already paid when you book your session.

Buy a session for any special mom in your life

Your wife  •   your sister   •   your best friend   •   your grandmother
anyone who deserves to be shown how special they are

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