Shooting Film is one of the ways I love to learn more about photography. I love my digital cameras (I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark ii and a Canon 60D) but shooting film has a slightly different look to it, and shooting film just feels different. Every frame counts. I can’t just hit the “delete” button on 27 images that didn’t work. I need to plan my shot carefully. I need to anticipate the moment. I need to know what I’m going to shoot before I press the shutter button.


I shot these images with my Canon EOS5, a 35mm film camera from the mid-1990’s. I like shooting with it because it takes all the same lenses as my digital Canon cameras, so I can get double duty from my lenses.

Landscape Photography Portage Photographer


I’m in a blog circle group with other women who also shoot film. Each month we shoot a different film stock and then we share our images with each other. This month we could shoot either Kodak Ektar 100 color film, or Fuji Acros 100 black and white film. I chose to shoot the Ektar, and I enjoyed walking around my yard and photographing the blooming flowers and morning dew.

 Kodak 100 Ektar 35mm film


I’m consistently surprised at the beauty God creates in our world. Just when I think I’ve seen everything, my eyes are opened to a new beauty. I’m just lucky enough to have a camera to preserve the memory!


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