New Beginnings

2012 has been filled with new beginnings for our family…

We moved to a new state, from Texas to Wisconsin. My husband started a new job. Our kids started a new school. We joined a new church. We bought a new home. It’s chaotic and exciting, frustrating and wonderful all at the same time.

Along with a new home comes compromises. Our new home is a 3-bedroom house… for the time being. My husband has been hard at work getting our basement finished so that we can move the two boys into their own bedrooms down there, and give our 3 girls some room to breathe (since the 3 of them have been bunking together for the last month.)

Speaking of new things, this is the first time my husband has taken on a job of this magnitude and I think I’m more than a little bit impressed.

basement b+w-2
basement b+w-1basement b+w-5
basement b+w-3basement b+w-4

I’m posting today as part of a monthly challenge on Clickin Moms. This month we’re blogging about New Beginnings. Please go visit JoOpens in new window to see her new beginnings too!

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