My sweet Maura has started Pre-K this year. She’s told me more than once, “It’s not Preschool, Mom. It’s PRE-K!”

*ahem* I didn’t know there was a difference. Apparently, there is.

Maura has began to show interest in playing school on the days when she doesn’t attend Pre-K. So usually on Fridays we will get out her little old-time desk and talk about letters and numbers.


We’ll spell m-o-m, then m-o-p, then m-a-p, then m-a-t, and so on. She watches with intense concentration and copies each letter carefully.


“mmmm…. aaaahhhhhh……pppppppppp……mmmmaaahhhh…..puh. m-ah-puh.”

Sometimes she likes to do arts and crafts. I’m not very crafty but Maura loves drawing, cutting, and gluing, so she can usually find something colorful to create.


I don’t know if this means she’ll have a love of school, or grow up to be a teacher, or maybe just always enjoy a wonderful imagination. Whatever happens, I’m soaking up every minute of this part of her childhood. Playing school is like a rite of passage for little ones and I’m so blessed to watch my little student blossom!


These images were all taken with a manual focus Canon AE-1 program camera, using Kodak Portra 400 film. I’m part of a group of women from Clickin Moms who are exploring and learning about film. Please visit Jenny’s blog to see her film work this month using Portra 400.

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