Team & Individual Photos

This is the main page where you can find all the information you need to know about viewing and ordering your Team and Individual Sports Photos.


Berlin Youth

5/23 – Girls Minor Green – 5pm
5/25 – Girls Major Green & Red – 5pm
5/25 – Girls A “senior” – 5:45pm
5/30 – Machine Pitch – 4:30
5/30 – Girls Minor Red – 5pm
5/30 – Boys Minors – 5:20 & 5:40
5/30 – Boys Minor Red – 6pm
5/30 – Boys Majors – 6:30&7:00
6/4 – Coach Pitch – 3:45
6/4 – T-Ball – 5pm
6/12 – Boys A “Senior” – 5:15

Make-Ups – call 608-566-9070
to schedule

portage baseball

5/31 – MAJ: Culv – 4:30
5/31 – MIN: Arb Grn – 5:00
5/31 – CP: Crf Oil – 5:30
6/1 – MIN: Tim McT – 4:30
6/1 – MIN: Jsn Chiro – 5:00
6/1 – MAJ: McReath – 5:30
6/1 – MIN: Arb Grn – 6:00
6/1 – TB: Arb Grn – 6:30
6/1 – CP: Cent21 – 7:00
6/5 – MIN: Zimm – 4:30
6/5 – MAJ: Arb Grn – 5:00
6/5 – TB: Schu – 5:30
6/5 – TB: Casc Mtn – 6:00
6/5 – TB: Fico – 6:30
6/6 – CP: Arb Grn – 4:30
6/6 – TB: Bindl – 5:00
6/6 – MAJ: Ed Jon – 5:30
6/6 – CP: Elec 1 – 6:00
6/6 – CP: Cut Edge – 6:30
6/6 – MAJ: Freedom – 7:00

Make-Ups – call 608-566-9070
to schedule

Portage Softball

6/11 – 10U through 14U
6/19 – Rookies

Make-Ups – call 608-566-9070
to schedule

On Picture Day, please be sure to wear:

be mindful of any clothing under your uniform, if you want it to show
please arrive clean & ready to be photographed
clean skin, no temporary tattoos, hair neat, clean uniform

I recommend NO eye black for photos
if you choose to wear it, I cannot photoshop it out later

how do i view my photos?

You can do that in one of two ways:

On Your Computer

and enter your team’s code

On Your smart phone

text your team’s code to

please check with your coach to get your team code

Want to get a text when photos are published?

1. Click on the button above
2. Enter the access code for your team (check with the coach)
3. When prompted, enter your phone number
(Purchasing Advance Pay credits is Optional)

That’s it! You’ll receive a text message when the gallery is published!

A New Way of Ordering Sports Photos

I have started using a company called Photoday for viewing and ordering sports photos. It provides a lot of great benefits to athletes and their families!

  • No more paper order forms, no sending cash or checks – all ordering is done online, AFTER picture day. Use your computer or smart phone to view photos & place orders.
  • View your photos before ordering. Each player will have multiple poses to choose from!
  • Packages can contain a variety of poses. Mix different images in one package, from one player or multiple players.
  • All orders are shipped directly to your home. Free Shipping for orders over $75

Price List

Click on the green “GET NOTIFIED” button above to see pricing for packages and individual items. (Purchase of Advance Pay credits is NOT required to view the price list.)

Special Offers

• FREE SHIPPING for orders of $75 or more
• EARLY BIRD SPECIAL OFFERS for 72 hours after the gallery is published

Do you have more than one athlete?
YES! You can get sibling poses
YES! You can put multiple kids’ photos into one package

More Info

How to Order

Watch This Video!

What is “Advance Pay”?

Advance Pay allows customers to purchase credits (dollars) before picture day that they can apply to their photo order after pictures are published.

Do I have to buy Advance Pay? nope. It’s an option but you don’t have to.

So why is it offered? It’s one way to spread out your payments (buy a small amount of product credit now, spend more later.) Also it’s just the way my software is set up, offering it to everyone. 


Can I Buy Digitals?

Yes! I sell digital files!

High-Resolution – These are full-size image files and come with a print release, so you may print them at any size, from any retailer. They are a bit more expensive because they are a master file, and allow you to print as many photos as you want.

Team Photos are not available as digital downloads



You may email me at with any further questions. I’ll do my best to answer right away but it may take up to 24 hours, depending on when you contact me.