I’m a mom of 5 children. I love being a tween photographer, so my oldest child, Sarah, agrees (sometimes willingly, sometimes begrudgingly) to be my subject when I want to practice shooting tweens. On this particular day, I was shooting some black and white film and I told her, “I promise! All you have to do is just SIT THERE. You can even bring your ipod.”


Film Photography black and white Tri-X 400

Tween Photographer black and white film Tri-X 400 Converse sneakers


She’s so agreeable, I know she would have sat for pictures for me, even if I had told her to leave her ipod inside the house. But after the film was developed, I realized how much these images really capture who she is at this age. It’s a little peek into what she enjoys doing, what her personal clothing style is, and exactly how she looked at 13 years, 8 months, and 4 days.


black and white film tri-x 400 tween and her ipod


The time passes so quickly, and she is changing more and more every day. I know she won’t stop getting taller and wiser and more adult-like in every way. But I have these pictures to prove she was my little girl once too.


black and white film tri-x 400 tween


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