Being a Tween isn’t always easy. It’s that time when you’re not a kid anymore, but not old enough to be taken seriously either.  People have stopped calling you “cute” which is just fine by you… you hate being called “cute” anyway. You’re growing into your own, unique self…  you have your own style and your own opinions.



Take this bit of advice from someone who has lived through her tween years and survived: Love yourself. That awkwardness you feel, all the times you think no one understands you, it’s only because you’re doing it right.


Becoming you won’t happen overnight. It comes after testing a lot of boundaries. It comes after making a lot of wrong decisions and figuring out the right ones.  It comes after trying on a lot of hats and seeing which one fits.


It’s easy to compare yourself to others and feel inadequate. You’re surrounded by people you think are smarter, better-looking, stronger, funnier… but they aren’t any of those things. They seem to have it all figured out, but they are just like you: trying to navigate through the confusing years between being told who you are, and using your own voice to tell the world who you are.



Just when you think you’ll never find yourself or feel comfortable in your own skin, you see yourself…


you’re going to survive this too. And trust me, you’ll be amazing.