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Milestones. We look ahead to them, oftentimes unable to picture ourselves 5 years into the future, or 10 years or 20 years. As the milestone approaches, and we finally reach it, we look back and are usually surprised how quickly time has passed. We end up with a feeling of gratitude for our personal growth along the journey of those short-but-long months and years. Just reaching the milestone seems like an accomplishment in and of itself.

Or maybe it’s just me….

I was with this beautiful couple when they celebrated their 5-year wedding milestone. As a special way to commemorate the day, they chose to renew their vows at the Dells Bells Wedding Chapel. They had so much to celebrate… their 5 years of marriage had a generous sampling of better and worse, sickness and health; they had 2 beautiful children; and through it all they’ve been each other’s best friend and soul mate.

I don’t get many photography requests from clients who are renewing their vows, but this ceremony felt every bit as special as if they were getting married for the very first time. The love a husband and wife share for one another is a very special thing – love that has been tested in the fire and come out the other side stronger. Being a part of their special day was an honor!

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The weather on this beautiful fall day was just perfect for their ceremony. Afterward, the bridal party and all the guests went for a walk on the Wisconsin Dells River Walk. The foliage and the setting sun combined to give it a magical feel. A perfect beginning to the rest of their lives.

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