Adopting a Foster Child

The journey to becoming a family is never an easy one. Each family’s story is different. Some children come into a family through birth; some through blending of parents; some through foster care and adoption. However it happens, a child is a blessing.

This beautiful family officially and legally welcomed their daughter into their family after months and years of caring for her in their home and in their hearts. I got to be the photographer who documented this special day for them! This little princess is SO VERY LOVED by family members, friends, social workers, even the judge himself!

I’ve had the privilege of knowing MJ since she was just a baby and I’ve enjoyed watching her grow up in a family that gives her love and support. Her sisters and her parents knew from the beginning that MJ should be a part of their family permanently, but they also knew that they would need to wait for God’s timing to be right. I remember many conversations I had with MJ’s mom – wondering why the court date was getting pushed back again, why the birth parents were dragging their feet, when she would be able to hold her baby in her arms and know that the journey was over. I didn’t know why, but the journey grew her strength and her patience. Parenthood is a journey with unpredictable twists and turns but the payoff is immeasurable!

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