To all the moms out there…. I know you.
You don’t want your picture taken because
“My hair is a mess”
“I’m not wearing makeup”
“I need to lose 10 pounds”
But your kids don’t care about that. They don’t see messy hair or extra pounds.
They just see you.


You are the keeper of their secrets, the first one to celebrate their successes and cheer them on for the not-so-successful times. You know the words that never belittle but instead empower them to try harder and be better. You are their safe place to land, their shelter from the storm.


This mother’s day, take time to get in front of the camera with your children. You’ll be giving yourself the gift of memories together with your children. But here’s the thing: you’re passing that gift along to your children too.


family photographer mothers day portage wi

Here are the details!

Sessions will be held at my farmette in Endeavor (weather permitting) on Saturday, May 9, 4pm-6pm. Each session will last 20-25 minutes and you’ll receive an online gallery of 10-15 images from which you may make your selections. Included in the price are 3 full-size digital image files (with print release for personal use), 3 5×7 prints, and a custom-designed Facebook timeline cover.


The price is $100. To book your session NOW, follow this link. Payment is accepted at the time of booking.


I’m looking forward to capturing some amazing images of moms and their kids together!