Welcome to School, Peanut

My little Peanut. My namesake. My (Gretchen) Amy. You’ve finally left the nest. I’m not sad that you have gone to Kindergarten. I didn’t shed a tear on your first day of school. I’m truly happy when I watch you write your name and color your worksheet. I’m overcome with pride when I hear you […]
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Wedding at White Lake Beach Resort, Montello

Wedding at Sunset on the Beach   I had the privilege of joining Kelly and Ruri for their gorgeous beach wedding. They held their June wedding at White Lake Beach Resort in Montello, Wisconsin. If it’s possible for a wedding photographer to feel relaxed and have an enjoyable time at work, then this event certainly […]
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The Bigger The Better! | Large Family Photographer

    I love photographing large families! I’m guessing the reason I love being a large family photographer is because I come from a large family, myself. I am the youngest of 4 children, and my siblings and I are all married with children. When we all get together (which is rare), there are nearly […]
Wheaton IL Event Photographer

Beauty from the Inside Out | St. Baldricks | Portage WI family photographer

I do lots of work for non-profit agencies. It’s in my heart to give where I have talents that can be shared. My dear friend, Kathy, has a pretty amazing daughter. Gabrielle, who is only 11 years old, is full of life. She enjoys school and Girl Scouts and sports. And she is also bald. […]
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mothers day photographer wisconsin

Mommy & Me Minisessions • Mother’s Day Photographer

To all the moms out there…. I know you. You don’t want your picture taken because “My hair is a mess” “I’m not wearing makeup” “I need to lose 10 pounds” But your kids don’t care about that. They don’t see messy hair or extra pounds. They just see you.   You are the keeper […]
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Celebrating Love – Couples Photographer

A couple in love never gets tired of celebrating Valentine’s Day.   For some couples, Valentine’s Day is February 14th. But for other couples, Valentine’s day is every day of the year. Every morning is a new opportunity to celebrate being in love with your best friend. Every evening is another day spent standing next […]