Lemonade Stand • Summer Fun

Summer fun. Those words go together like “ice cream” and “sundae”. There’s nothing about summer that I don’t like. It conjures up memories of riding my banana-seat bike around my neighborhood until my legs were like spaghetti noodles. It reminds me of my hair turning green from swimming in the pool from the moment it […]

Film Is Not Dead | Seattle Film Works

I love old things. I also love cameras. Add an old story to go with an old camera, and I start to squeal with delight. My husband bought some Seattle Film Works film at a garage sale last year. Actually, he got it free. 60+ rolls for free. Seattle Film Works film has been out […]

A Visit to the Orchard | Autumn in Wisconsin

Recently my family had the opportunity to visit the home of some new friends, Jane and Joe. My husband and I met this couple while we were visiting their church one weekend. The men struck up a conversation and, before I knew it, they had invited us to come over and enjoy their garden and […]

Family Time | Portage Family Photographer

Making Memories. That’s the very best part of being in a family. All the little parts that go into special moments – giggles, snuggles, new adventures, old traditions – they all add up to the lasting memories that everyone takes with them for the rest of their lives.   We have a pretty big family, […]
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A Girl And Her IPod

I’m a mom of 5 children. I love being a tween photographer, so my oldest child, Sarah, agrees (sometimes willingly, sometimes begrudgingly) to be my subject when I want to practice shooting tweens. On this particular day, I was shooting some black and white film and I told her, “I promise! All you have to […]

Tubing on the Lake in Wisconsin

For the first time, my family went tubing on the lake in Wisconsin. We have friends who invited us out for some fun on the water and good food to share. We had a blast! Even though I did not actually do any tubing on the lake, I enjoyed sitting in the boat and letting […]