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Motherhood Is… New Again

Family Photographer | South Central Wisconsin I began my motherhood journey in 1999, with the birth of my first daughter Sarah. I was so excited to be a mother, and once she arrived I couldn’t believe how scared and confused I was. I thought everything would be a breeze and being a mother would be […]

Nature’s Beauty | Ektar 100 film

Shooting Film is one of the ways I love to learn more about photography. I love my digital cameras (I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark ii and a Canon 60D) but shooting film has a slightly different look to it, and shooting film just feels different. Every frame counts. I can’t just hit the […]
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Celebrating the Everyday

Long before I had a big, fancy camera I loved to take pictures. When I was little, I snagged my brother’s Kodak 110 camera to take pictures of us throwing snowballs or pulling my stuffed animals in the wagon. When I got older, I often took my bright yellow Canon Sure Shot to school, snapping […]
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Gretchen Willis Photography Portage Wisconsin

Father’s Day Gifts | Portage WI Family Photographer

Ladies, I have to ask you a question: Do you have a hard time picking out a meaningful and unique gift for your husband or father?  If the men in your life are anything like mine, they are VERY particular about the brand, size, and color of whatever widget they set their sights on. (Can […]

Tying Her Shoes {Letters to our Daughters: April 2013}

My dear Maura, You won’t remember this day next month, or next year, or when you have children of your own. But I will remember today forever. I picked you up from Pre-K and your teacher told me that you tied your own shoes today. That is incredible! Okay, so it’s not like you are […]

Spring Is In the Air | Child Photographer Portage, WI

“Spring” is in the air!   Kids never outgrow the joy of jumping on a bed! These images were shot on Kodak Portra 400 with a Bronica ETRS medium Format Camera. I’m part of a fantastic group of women, shooting film every month. Please visit Stacy’s blog to see what she shot with film this […]