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Beauty from the Inside Out | St. Baldricks | Portage WI family photographer

I do lots of work for non-profit agencies. It’s in my heart to give where I have talents that can be shared. My dear friend, Kathy, has a pretty amazing daughter. Gabrielle, who is only 11 years old, is full of life. She enjoys school and Girl Scouts and sports. And she is also bald. […]
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The Sweet, Simple Things | Portage WI Photographer

Doing What You Love & Loving What You Do I thought I was meant for so much more. Turns out, I was meant for less. When I was a young girl, I always wanted to grow up to be someone “special”. I didn’t dream of becoming a rock star or supermodel or rich and famous. […]
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Mommy & Me Minisessions • Mother’s Day Photographer

To all the moms out there…. I know you. You don’t want your picture taken because “My hair is a mess” “I’m not wearing makeup” “I need to lose 10 pounds” But your kids don’t care about that. They don’t see messy hair or extra pounds. They just see you.   You are the keeper […]
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The More the Merrier – Large Family Photographer

I come from a really big family, so I know what a rare treat it is when everyone from the family tree comes together in the same place at the same time. Lightning won’t strike twice.   This is why I love being a family photographer, especially for a large family! These moments deserve to […]
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And Baby Makes Four – Lifestyle Maternity

The last few days before a baby arrives, every family member is filled with emotions: anticipation, nervous excitement, curiosity, and even a little bit of worry. As excited as I was to meet each of my babies, I craved to keep them safe inside the protective walls of my womb. Those last few days before […]

Easy Does It – Lifestyle Maternity Photographer

Caring for three young, energetic boys every day is enough to make any person tired. But being the MOM to these three young, energetic boys, while also expecting a fourth child… well the thought of it brings me to my knees in exhaustion! I’m in awe of my friend, Tami Jo. She has such a […]